MACHINES - Modern Rock/Experimental/Songwriter music band from St.Petersburg, was formed in 2010 by well-known musicians of the indie scene.


Every day we use different machines, we use them for communication, cooking, entertainment, driving, and for creating music too. Expressive guitars, rhythm and  and high-precision neural kinetic of the voice are harmoniously combined in one sound message with a recognizable melody and mood. 


MACHINES: push sound, People make music.


We are now :
Sasha Fro (voice,lyrics,songwriter),

Ivan Montlevich (guitars),

Sergey Pivowar (bass)

Georgy Dolinin (drums)

tech suppport:

Nikolay Petrov (soundengineer)

Elena Bogacheva (photographer)

Contact with band: machinesmusic@zoho.com

2022. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.